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  • In this program, a Dayton(OH) police officer initiates a traffic stop with an older subject. During the course of the stop, the subject attacks the officer and tries to go for his gun. The subject is finally subdued with the help of a passing motorist who witnessed the attack. We will break down the struggle and review the factors leading up to this attack. We will also look at the officer’s options and choices that he made during the struggle.
  • Officer Joshua Campbell is dispatched to a Walgreens pharmacy to pick up surveillance video of an armed robbery that took place just a few hours earlier around 2:15 am. As he enters there is a customer in the store at the counter allegedly buying a pack of gum. Even with Officer Campbell standing right behind the counter in the direct line of sight of the checker (the same checker involved in the armed robbery just a few hours earlier) he witnesses this ‘customer’ reach over the counter and start emptying the register. He must then quickly decide how best to proceed after witnessing this felony right before his eyes.
  • During the last days of April 2011, the United States experienced one of the worst tornado outbreaks in her history. From April 25-28 358 tornadoes were confirmed in 21 states from Texas to New York. On April 27, 2011 one of these tornadoes touched down in Greene County, AL and roared northward through Tuscaloosa County devastating downtown Tuscaloosa and surrounding areas. This F4 tornado left a path of destruction 37 miles long and up to 1.5 miles wide through Tuscaloosa. The destruction was so complete it was compared by some to a weapon of mass destruction. In this program we will look at the public safety response to such a catastrophe, interviewing the officers involved and asking what lessons there are to be learned.
  • A veteran Texas officer responds to a call for a man with a shotgun outside a local bakery. But his decision not to pull the trigger on the rifle wielder, for the sake of potentially innocent bystanders, nearly cost him his life. What would you have done?
  • In this program Lt. Ray Garcia and Det. Scott O’Connor are on assignment at an El Segundo, CA movie theater working security. They had both worked this assignment before, and it had been a very routine evening. At one point they are both called over by the manager who needed help resolving a dispute with a patron demanding a refund without a receipt. They make their way toward the subject expecting to try to calm him down and even get him his refund. Yet before they know it a raging gun battle erupts and they find themselves in the fight for their lives. In this program we will look at this incident in detail including causes and lessons learned by the officers involved.
  • It almost seems as if naked 'zombies' have been competing to the get onto the 10 o'clock news. Maybe it's good for ratings or a few laughs, but, for cops everywhere, one of the most dangerous phenomenon they have faced in years—Bath Salts. And for patrol officers one of the most important points to take away from this video is that there is almost no chance you'll be able to verbally communicate with subjects high on Bath Salts.
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